Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The BMW of Single Strings

The name says it all. A piece commissioned by my good friend and sometimes blog photographer Mr. Pat Eves. The face plate is apparently a hubcap from a BMW that Pat had given me to build his new toy. I don’t know how he obtained the hubcap and I am most certainly not asking any questions. There is one piezo pickup placed on the underside of the hubcap just in front of the bridge, and a quarter inch output just to the left of the bridge. This single stringed instrument has the same kind of design as Fat Bob. I used a deeper and wider salad bowl to help eliminate some of the natural metallic sound that these materials can produce. It also looks nice and fat in the back end. I have a thing for fat bottomed instruments.

Slowly the single strings will grow in numbers and one day they will all play together. That’s right, six mighty strings playing at once.

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