Friday, June 02, 2006

Fat Bob

.Now we come to Fat Bob. Fat Bob was the second single stringed instrument I ever made. It seems weird that I haven’t much to say about Fat Bob. Sometimes life is just hard and cruel that way. Fat Bob is a wonderful specimen of the single string community. The bowl on Fat Bob is much larger than most of the instruments I've built, which really adds to the over all warmth of the instruments sound. Of coarse the body is one big metal salad bowl. The face plate is that of a hub cap I found out on the street one day, so obviously I had to pick it up. That stuff is gold man, gold. Now Fat Bob was the first instrument that I designed to different pick up systems inside his fat belly. The first is just a regular guitar pick up mounted under the hub cap running parallel with the string. The second pick up is a contact mic that is just slightly off set. There is also a on off switch for both pick ups, so you could choose which sound you would like, or combine the two together. Fat Bob rocks

Rami is now the proud owner of Fat Bob

This is a portion of Bob in November recorded by Rami in her kitchen. To hear more of her stuff click here

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