Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Iner and the Many Lives of Metalore

photo by Jennifer Schmitt

This is one of the only clear images I have of the original Metalore. Shot by Jen at the Gladstone gig (my first at the Gladstone Hotel) The instrument was damage severely in a fire at my friend Brians place. Along with about thirty paintings and about seven sculptures. There was also a whole bunch of instruments that Brian and his roommate owned that are now gone.
I tried to rebuild old Metalore into something new and wonderful, but the sounds it makes just doesn't seem to cut it. Now Metalore sounds flat and dead, even with the modification I put into it. Compare this one with the new one further down the page. The cosmetic changes are readily apparent, but it's the changes inside that should have made a difference. I had remove the guitar pick up which was never turned on, and permanently mounted a contact mic inside under the faceplate. There is also a telephone receiver implanted into the body of the instrument, which is only good for yelling into one of the openings I have in one of the many pipes that hold Metalore together.
I think it may be time to try and rebuild this one from scratch. Soon we shall all see.
As you can plainly see in this photo something terrible has gone wrong in the rebuilding of my sweet, sweet Metalore. I went wood crazy, and in a moment of madness I added leg rests. Now whenever I look at the remake I keep thinking it might fly away. Please fly away little ugly metalore.
Here was the first and last time I played the new metalore. After that Metalore found a permanent home on the walls of Mitzi's Sister. Aside from the instrument sounding dead after the rebuild, the rest of the night went great. It was the first time that Rami sang with us, and from that point on she has been a wonderful addition to the madness of Jon Was A Machine.
photo by Mathew Cook
Click on the play button below and you will hear a small bit of Mike Whitla playing sweet old Metalore. Mike is now the owner of this fine instrument.

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