Friday, June 09, 2006

Iner and the Single String

photo by Ravi Persaud
This is an image of me playing the single string with an Ebow. I run the instrument through an effects processor. Also running through the processor is a short wave radio I use to dial in foreign language radio station, or sometime just use it to play the static and other interesting sounds I find floating around the air waves. There is also a tone generator sitting underneath the short wave radio. Finding a tone and running it through a wah pedal and volume pedal will always produce interesting results. Click here to download a track Tony and I recorded called Lone Prairie. I used a lot of this junk to record my sound design for a short film i'm working on. Click on Caraticus Sea to hear some of the tracks, or click on Iner lost in time and space to see some of the images.

Sympathetic String with Bell
This was first shown at the Joseph D. Carrier Gallery in the Columbus Centre.

Materials used:
Disk Brakes found on the corner of Sorauren Ave. and Queen
A bunch of pipes
A lamp shade from Just Lights on Queen
1 stainless steel salad bowl
Some kind of steam cooker I found in the Goodwill
1 Tuning peg
1 electric guitar pick up
1 guitar string

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